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Glass Beads

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  1. Glass Bead For Deburring

    Glass Beads Features:Remove burrs Clean, with high precision, pieces without damaging cutting edges Take away any surface property Perform all processing in one time Easily reproducible, even on products with high dimensional tolerance
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  2. Sand Blasting Glass Beads

    Sand Blasting Glass Beads is Sprayed using compressed air to the work piece surface; the purpose is to remove the surface oxide layer, rust, etc. in order to improve the surface appearance.
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  3. Glass Beads

    Glass beads are made using lead-free, soda lime-type glass, comprising no free silica which is then formed into preformed ball figures. Chemically inactive and ecologically friendly, glass beads are an adequate technique of metal cleaning or superficial finishing when appropriately measured. Glass beads are extremely utilized in the influence treatment of exterior. Their spherical figure and chemical nature bestow them with a diversity of features that no other surface treatment mediator has, combined.
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  4. Glass Beads Blasting

    Glass Bead For Sand Blasting
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  5. Glass Bead for Peening

    Glass bead peening is an effective way of increasing the fatigue properties of metal parts and resistance to stress corrosion cracking.
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  6. Glass Bead For Surface Finishing

    SURFACE TREATMENT AND FINISHING with glass beads is a very efficient way to blend surface defects, improve sealing, and appearance (matted or textured finishes) of all types of molds, deep draw dies and other parts with complicated shapes while improving corrosion resistance and lubrication of moving parts.
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